Soulmate part 2

Ever had feelings so strongly twards someone that it physically hurt to even see them with anyone else? I know he has a girlfriend and I’m trying so hard to get over these feelings but I just can’t. I can feel it inside myself that he is my Soulmate the one I’m ment to be with. I might not be able to have him right now but I feel like the universe is not letting me get over him for some reason. Any advice? I’m so stuck on him that I check his social media(atleast the ones he uses) every single day. It hurts but I just have to see that hes ok and doing atleast descent. The things hes said and his way of being such an egotistical person gives me life. I was looking at his pictures last night while high af on the weedles and the feelings I have for him were amplified times 1000 I can’t do this anymore. I was going to be in one of my friends music videos and he went but I couldent get a ride. Is this a sign that I should stop? I dont know help me.




So the guy I was talking about in my “Boys” post is being annoying as usual. So every since my teacher moved seats and made him sit by this chick named, we’ll call her bitch. So he now sits next to this bitch and together they are so fucking annoying. At first I thought they were dating, but I just found out recently that they weren’t (thank goodness) I hate her so fucking  much. She’s like in 3 of my 6 classes and she seems to always be going in the same direction as me in the hallways at school. Usually he doesn’t ride the bus but when he does he sits directly behind me. The bus could be literally empty with only me on it and if    he comes on and sees me he just sits directly behind me. He is just so freaking confusingšŸ˜©šŸ˜¤. I wish I could read his mind. Talk to you later byeeeeeeeeee.