Sunday Thoughts 1

Maybe i should just accept that people will talk about me just for existing or breathing even though i havent done anything to anyone. I have not said one rude word to anyone and they all asume that i eithier have an atittude,that im crabby or just overall a rude person. You know what ill just keep being me as the wise onion boy always says at the end of his videos. Judge me for no reason even though your religion suposedly teaches you to love one another but i guess that doesent apply to me. Im a pretty good looking person if i do say so myself abd thats not being conceded im told this on a regular basis. I don’t care for stupid people. Right now im liteni ng to a lady talk about loveing eachother but again that doesent apply to me. People are so quick to judge me and others who dont fit their cookie cutter standard that its mindblowing when they start talking about loving one anther. To each his own i guess.

P.S. i think im going to start writing my suday blog posts again. So much things to say but not outload because I’m aparently not aloud to have opinions or be considered a human being.



You know how I said I thought that that one guy liked me? Well fuck that, I know he doesn’t. like no one does why the hell would they. I’m an ugly pathetic loser with no friends and no life. There is literally no one that would back me up for anything. No one ever even engages in conversations with me. I started this blog for a reason and that was so I could write about how decent my life was but in the end my life is just a pathetic, empty waste of time and I’m just a fucking burden to everyone in it. But I guess I got one thing right I am waiting for the end and hopefully it will come soon.