I’ve been a vegetarian since September of this year. I decided to become a vegetarian because eating meat honestly made me feel gross and I just wanted to do it. Ever since I became a vegetarian my mom has been obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with getting me to eat meat again. She just today told me that she read a Philadelphia report about how not eating meat can cause mental illness. I’m sorry mom but I was already mentally ill before I stopped eating meat. I just wish she could get over it I mean its not like I’m forcing her to stop eating meat. She can do whatever she damn well pleases so why can’t she let me. Since everyone else in my house still eats meat there is barely anything that I can eat so I don’t really eat that much. Thankfully my mom I’sent totally against me being a vegetarian and buys me meatless foods. We just went shopping and we bought some pomegranates so I made some pomegranate juice out them. Its kind of gross but I’ll still drink it. Well I don’t really know what else to say on this topic so byeeeeeeeeeeee!