I didn’t say no

I dident say no

I said it was fine
When you started touching me I felt inclined
to ask you what you were doing
Then you stared at me making me uncomfortable
Then you tried to kiss me but I turned my head
You tired to put your hand in my pants but I batted it away
You asked me if I was fine and I said it was OK
All you wanted was to use me I should have known
It was my first time but like you know
I was sore for days but like you care
But you dident rape me because I dident say no.
And now I get flashbacks of what you did and I think of how stupid I was for not saying no. I dident say yes but I dident say no.


New Year

It’s a new year I cannot wait
To start again on this joyous date
So much to see , so much to do
So many things that are brand new
New things to learn, new things to be
New things to try out for the new me
So once again I cannot wait
To start again on this joyous date.