Here we go again

Suprise suprise I’m still alive. My plan was halted by the lack of access to needed materials. So here I again waiting for the end. I just to 2 grams of coke and 2 hits of acid in a 1-3 hour period. I did less then half a gram earlier then about a half an hour ago I snorted the 1.5-1.7g that were left at the same time. I tried to search online to see how long it takes to die but im not getting any solid answers. I took 4 sleeping pills 10 or so minutes ago so if I do die it will atleast be in my sleep(hopefully painless) If I wake up (hoping not to) I’ll write another post about how i dramaticly fail yet again. Ive done so much shit at the same time im suprised I’m not dead fuck this shit😑😐


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