Scattered Thoughts

I done goofed up. I still cant get you out of my head. Do you ever just think about all the shit you’ve done and realize that when you die( ie kill yourself)your family is going to find out EVERYTHING? like when I die my family is going to find this blog,my Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr….. i mean i could hid all this but fuck it I’m going to be dead anyways. Lil Peep died today and I cried like 10 times already. I dident really lnow anout him till now (kind of) but i do now and i listened to some of his music and I can relate to him. Being alive and just living are two completely different things. R.I.P

Thinking about what the point of being alive is makes me severely depressed and want to kill myself so i try to stop but I over think EVERYTHING.

that’s all for now all i can process enough to write down here that is.


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