I’m back…well at least for today. Man has my life changed drastically from where it was the last time I wrote an entry on this blog.

As I am writing this entry I am on Jorges bed laying next to him and Kodee. Jorge is my new crush and I mean I like him alot and I think that he likes me but just doesent/can’t express how he feels. That’s just how I feel that the situation is but who knows what goes on in that head of his. Me and him slept together and after that the next time I saw him at work(shocker I’m sleeping with someone I work with) I thought he was acting weird and that he dident like me because he got what he wanted from me but surprisingly we hung out the other day and he told me about how he dident really hang out with me because he felt like he was taking advantage of me and that I was to young (I’m 19 now fyi). I think that the only reason that I was invited to hang out with them tonight is because I was taking Kodee home because he asked Kodee if she wanted to hang out but dident say anything about me so Kodee asked him and he said that I could go. I might be over thinking things(like I always do) but I think he might be butthurt because I wouldn’t let him eat me out. I know you all want it and I will gladly provide you guys with all the juicy details.

So about a week ago I was working with Jorge and he invited me and a couple of our other co-worker friends over to his house to hang out smoke and drink. On that day I was voluming in the kitchen (stocking stuff and cleaning my station for the next day) so that ment I get to leave before they closed. Kodee was closing and I got off at 9pm. I went home and changed my clothe to something more comfortable ie. Not my grease smelling work clothe. Since Kodee was closing I had told her that I would come back and bring her to his house to hang out. It was a Friday so the restraunt closed at 11pm instead of 10 like on the week days. After I got changed I headed over to his house. I was night time and this was the first time I had driven to his house so I kinda got lost and I had to call him to get his help so that I could find his house. After 15-20 minutes I finally found his house. At this point I was the only one besides him at his house because his parents went on a trip or something for a couple of days. I got there and he let me in through the garage because he couldn’t find the key to his front door. So I went in set my stuff down and we started talking. While we were talking I kept staring at him straight in the eyes. We started drinking and smoking and I wanted to watch tv or play video games and he said that he had a tv in his room. I being on my 3rd or 4th shot had takin a couple of hits from the pipe but the alcohol seems to just level me out(we were drinking whiskey by the way). So I’m up in his room and l sit down on his bed so we can start watching tv. He messes around with the tv a bit and we start watching it. As we were watching tv we were talking and he kept slipping sexual things into the conversations we were having. He me asked me if I was alright I told him that my lips were dry and asked him if he had any chapstick. It turned out that he dident have any chapstick in his whole house(he probley did but I don’t think he wanted to get me it. I kept saying(well complaing) that my lips were dry and he said that If I took another shot that I wouldn’t care about my lips so I took another one because why the fuck not. We went down stairs and he poured me a shot that was 3 time more then his. I dident really give a fuck though. After that we went back upstairs to watch tv again. I was drunk at this point and I hate light when I watch tv so I complained and he turned off the light. As we lay there on the bead he asked me what was under my shirt and o said my bra and then he asked me what was under my pants and I said my underwear then I asked him what was under his pants and he said nothing.

Yada yada yada we had relations. I was on dope when I started writing this 3 days ago and I’m to lazy to finish the story now……next time