I didn’t say no

I dident say no

I said it was fine
When you started touching me I felt inclined
to ask you what you were doing
Then you stared at me making me uncomfortable
Then you tried to kiss me but I turned my head
You tired to put your hand in my pants but I batted it away
You asked me if I was fine and I said it was OK
All you wanted was to use me I should have known
It was my first time but like you know
I was sore for days but like you care
But you dident rape me because I dident say no.
And now I get flashbacks of what you did and I think of how stupid I was for not saying no. I dident say yes but I dident say no.



All these apparently “Proana” blogs aren’t really Proana at all. Some of them saying they are when they eat 1200 calories a day. Fucking liars you need to get in check or you’ll just get fat while I get skinny. No guy wants a fat girl vise versa. Set a goal and stick to it don’t be a little bitch.


Life Update 

I know I haven’t been on this blog since last year but whatever it’s my life and I’ll do what I want. My year started pretty decent with meeting Rebecals(I call her that but her name is Rebecca) we used to hang out everyday sometimes I would even spend 3 days in a row at her house. I ment her at the Metrolux lux when I used to work there but I quit because that place is a shit hole and no one likes it there anyways. 5 people have quit since I left it’s like I started a revolution or something. Anyways recently Rebecca has been ignoring me and treating me like shit and the only time we hang out Is when I take her kid to school (did I mention that she was 34) now she’s just waiting for other people to turn 21 so she can ditch me for them. I should have known that she was only using me just like everyone else. Any who now I work at this comfort dental place as a sterilization technician. It’s boring and I bearly work but who cares plus I have to work with rebecals since she’s the one who got me the job. This week I got 55 hour and I get payed $10 an hour so I can’t wait for that pay check. Since I only have one job now I’m bored af so I might start exercising. Today is the start of my fast but I couldn’t really start because I had to take the Sacrament and eat bread and I drank orange juice to take me pills. I feel fat(which I probley am). One good thing is that in April I’m going to new York for 4 days with my dad. I’ve always wanted to go and now I finally get to. I’m so exited!! But before I go to the love of my life I’m going to lose 30-40 pounds so I can fit into small/extra small clothe. People say that I’m skinny but that’s not what I see when I look in the mirror. I got this app called hot or not and I’ve been talking to this guy named Christopher he’s so cute and we have so much in common too bad he live in Louisiana :(. Well that’s been my life as of late tata.