Bad Thoughts

 Food food food that’s all i think about everyday,every night and every hour. Then once I finally figure out what I want to eat i get it ready and eat it. After a couple of minutes my stomache  starts hurting and this lasts for 5-10 muinutes. Maybe I should just stop eating all together because it’s just not worth it. I always think things I know I will never do but why? Because I know I’m weak and that the voice in my head telling me that I’m fat,worthless and no guy will ever like me just might be right. I’ve only been eating one meal a day with no snacks (exept last night) my stomache hurts only for a couple of minutes so that’s fine. It seems like no-one care if I don’t eat because actions speak louder then words and no one cares enough to actually do anything about it. So I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing until I am satisfied with myself.


One thought on “Bad Thoughts

  1. I literally think about food all the time too. I’m not biggest fan of my body, I wish I had a flatter stomach but if we want to change ourselves we must do something about it. I keep saying I’m going to exercise but I’m so lazy but hopefully soon that will change. Please don’t starve yourself, it won’t do you or your body any good. In fact leaving your stomach without eating for a long time is worse than eating the amount you usually do because more fat is extracted and stored in your body. You’re beautiful and in someone’s eyes they would find you even more beautiful than you think. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    – Roxy xoxo

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