Brandon is litrally going to be the death of me. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get over him. I was just about to make a tindr account to meet some new people but I just can’t find it in me to make one. I feel so lost and stupid. He doesent even like me anymore but all that’s done is make me want him more. He asked me if I wanted to be freinds with benifits and I said yes hoping that would mean we could actually hang out for once but nope he started ignoring me again. I would do anything for him I even told him that but it seems the more of myself I am willing to give him the less of me he wants. I just don’t understand guys sometimes. Here is a willing and able person that would litrally die for you and you don’t even want to test them to see how far they would go for you? Even if he just used me I wouldent mind I just want to be near him, is that so much to ask? Am I that worthless that you wouldent even give me a chance? I guess I’m ment to be forever alone in the world.


3 thoughts on “Please?

  1. I’m so so sorry. Look, if you doesn’t even look at you twice, he’s not worth your time. You won’t be for ever alone, because somebody is going to think what an amazing person you are. Trust me on that. I know its so difficult to get over somebody, and as much as this won’t help now, you will at some point. I wish you just didn’t have to go through this pain, because it’s heartbreaking. Hang in there, okay? I’m always here if you need to talk 😊

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