No more


After seeing “The Huntsman: Winters War” I’ve come to relize that people are just pawns in the game of life and that those who overcome the binds and weaknesses are the ones with the real power. I have been spending the last couple of days obsessing over some guy I think I gave a blowjob to (it was my first time). I have been texting him non-stop and he hasent replied once. He told me that he liked me but that was obvously bullshit. After that movie I relized that love is the greatest weakness and that the only thing it does is hold you back from your true potential. So I’ve decided to stop loving anyone ever again(exept my parents of course). I have also relized that obsessing over people ruins me and makes me weak and willing to do whatever they want me to do to keep them intrested. That’s all for now peasents.



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