Stupid people, stupid people everywhere

So today’s Sunday and I’m at church once again and they keep talking about how we chose to be here and honestly it’s hilarious. Do they honestly think that if I had a choice that I would be here? Everyday all I do is complain about how I wish someone would just kill me or that I could just die already and that I hate life so much. I hate religion so much I mean just think about it. Most of the hate in this world is caused by religion and their rediculus views on things that have nothing to do with them. It’s sickens me how far some religious people will go to “please” their God/Gods. I think that the world would be better off if religion was never in it. Well anyways today is my brothers birthday which sucks for him since we can’t go anywhere because it’s SUNDAY(it’s fucking rediculus). I’m going to work on my math after church gets out so that’s something to do. That’s all goodbyeee!


4 thoughts on “Stupid people, stupid people everywhere

  1. I respect every religion, but the Bible and Quran, and every other religious book was written by a human, so surely no religious text is reliable? Doesn’t it seem a little ridiculous to believe in an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being that lives in the sky?


      1. I’m pretty sure the main reason people are religious is for hope. How can anyone have hope for the future if there is the looming worry of terrorists and war etc.


      2. You know what I think. I think all humans are garbage and there will never be peace in this messed up world. I just wish I could die already so I don’t have to be there when everything finally blows up in humanity’s faces.

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