Dreams Man

Recently I have been having dreams about all the people in the state I used to live in,It’s really weird. They’ve mostly been about the guys I used to like. Like I’ve had 2 dreams about Mac and 2 to 3 about Austin( the guy I wrote about in 3 other posts). And every time I wake up I get so sad and depressed because I start to miss them so much. So I just look at my old yearbooks like a stalker and check their social networking sites. I also had one about Payton which was super awesome plus I wrote it down in my notes. Also I’ve been in my dream and realized that I was dreaming so I tryed to enter it with the techniques that I’ve read about on the web and seen in videos but it’s just wakes me up which sucks. Well that’s basically what’s been on my mind.




Moving sucks especially to a completely new state where you don’t know where anything is or who anyone is. But for an anti-social freak like me you might as well put me up on a stage with everyone staring at me and tell me to give a speech. That’s just what its like for me. I’m now a junior in highschool but like hell im going to a pubic school in a new state. After various tactics and strategies I finally got my parents to homeschool me. Praise the lord Jesus Christ! That was the best thing ever. So while everyone else has already started school last week I get to start school on Friday. Which is awesome because I get to sleep in every single day while my other siblings have to get up at 6 in the morning to get ready for school. Life is great life is grand!