You know how I said I thought that that one guy liked me? Well fuck that, I know he doesn’t. like no one does why the hell would they. I’m an ugly pathetic loser with no friends and no life. There is literally no one that would back me up for anything. No one ever even engages in conversations with me. I started this blog for a reason and that was so I could write about how decent my life was but in the end my life is just a pathetic, empty waste of time and I’m just a fucking burden to everyone in it. But I guess I got one thing right I am waiting for the end and hopefully it will come soon.



4 thoughts on “Done

  1. First of all, relax. You’re not alone. My life is the same. The only difference is that I’m a boy. You know at this age, we are going to meet a lot of people who won’t matter in the future. You know what would matter? The amount of work you put in whatever it is that you like. Kickout all the negativity in life. People aren’t worth your tears. People will disappoint you. You gotta stay strong, girl. And there might be some people who genuinely care about you. So relax and let go. And half of all this is just hormones. Stay safe and be happy! šŸ™‚

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  2. From reading this, I can tell you’re not pathetic. From reading this, I can tell you have a life. From reading this – from reading your blog – I know you’re not hopeless; I know you can be strong. Stay strong: people will mess you around. People will fuck you over. It’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

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