Have you ever felt like you were so alone that you were invisible? So ignored that you thought no one could see you? That’s how I feel everyday. I roam around the hallways of school looking at everyone enjoying themselves with their friends laughing and smiling and I just die Inside knowing that that will never be me.

Dream Catcher 

So I brought this Dream Cather at the mall because I thought it would help to catch all my bad dreams but every since I got it all it has done is cause me to have nightmares. Before I bought it I literally had no bad dreams and now that’s all I have. Dream catcher more like nightmare producer.


Endless Days

Days like today are typical for me. Nothing going on, me being alone and wishing that there was something more to life then this. Sitting on the couch pretending to watch television when really all I want to be doing is sleeping or be outside having an adventure of some sort as to fill the endless void that is my boredom. I wish I had something to do anything would be fine but that would make my life enjoyable and no one wants that. So I’ll just spend today like I spend any other day, wishing for it to be over.



You know how I said I thought that that one guy liked me? Well fuck that, I know he doesn’t. like no one does why the hell would they. I’m an ugly pathetic loser with no friends and no life. There is literally no one that would back me up for anything. No one ever even engages in conversations with me. I started this blog for a reason and that was so I could write about how decent my life was but in the end my life is just a pathetic, empty waste of time and I’m just a fucking burden to everyone in it. But I guess I got one thing right I am waiting for the end and hopefully it will come soon.



So the guy I was talking about in my “Boys” post is being annoying as usual. So every since my teacher moved seats and made him sit by this chick named, we’ll call her bitch. So he now sits next to this bitch and together they are so fucking annoying. At first I thought they were dating, but I just found out recently that they weren’t (thank goodness) I hate her so fucking  much. She’s like in 3 of my 6 classes and she seems to always be going in the same direction as me in the hallways at school. Usually he doesn’t ride the bus but when he does he sits directly behind me. The bus could be literally empty with only me on it and if    he comes on and sees me he just sits directly behind me. He is just so freaking confusing😩😤. I wish I could read his mind. Talk to you later byeeeeeeeeee.