So there’s this guy that I think likes me and so I wanted to talk to him. So I went on my snapchat and added him and he asked who it was when he knew for a fact that it was me because he does this every time. So just for the heck of it I told him my name that he already knew. Not two minutes later he sends me a picture of him completely naked but only showing his abs. He then says he’s going to take a shower so I just stopped talking to him Cus I thought he was taking a shower. One minute later he sends me a text saying that I hate him which I don’t (though he can be annoying sometimes). Then he sends me another picture of him again saying he’s going to take a shower and this time the picture is a full body one with his hands over his genitalia. I literally screamed like seriously I almost fell out of my chair. After I was done freaking out I told him to go take a shower so he did. When he was done he sent me a message asking me what I wanted to ask him and I told him I wasn’t the one who asked that but he insisted I did and so I said never mind and he blocked me. ARE YOU SERIOUS! I should be blocking you, you fucking pervert like holy shit I didn’t say or do anything wrong. I’m so done with boys. God damn God damn.

-P.s. Sorry I haven’t written in a long time I’ll try to do morešŸ˜„


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