The Mall

So yesterday I went to the mall with my friend it was actually really awesome. We walked around the mall at first we saw some really hot guys in a pack but that was the last of The hot guys that were at the mall. I bought like four things. Since I have $50 and the malls expensive as fuck. The first thing I got was a shirt that had a black bear and a white bear and it said “let’s make a panda together” I freaking love it! The second thing I got was some perfume from Victoria’s Secret because I was running out of it. The perfume I got was called coconut passion it’s also good and smells like heaven. Then me and my friend went to get something to eat. I went to this place called Bonzaga Tea or something like that. I got this like purple drink it’s apparently bubble could get things in your drinks so I got like these little circle squishy things they were so annoying because it took so long to drink it and I got a brain freeze like five times. After that went to orange Julius so my friend could get a drink too. She got a strawberry smoothie. When we were done with that we went into this other store and I got this painting of a fox. I like the painting but it was so annoying carrying it around the whole mall because it was so big that people kept staring at it, like could you look at something else you creeps. My friend got some boots, a shirt that said “nugs not drugs” and a bag with her favorite anime characters on it. After we were done eating we went to Hot Topic and I got a Sebastian bobble head or collectible thing from my favorite anime Black Butler. It is so cute! No one must touch itšŸ˜ˆ. After we were done at the mall we went to her house and watched a movie. After that I went home. Yesterday was pretty awesome and I hope to have more days like it. That’s all for now.

13 thoughts on “The Mall

  1. Hi
    It’s me again.
    I know it may seem like I’m bothering you or being a nuisance and if you feel that way, I apologise.
    I’m not going to stop though.
    If it takes me messaging you everyday for you to realise how much you’re worth, then that’s what I’ll do.
    Look back at this post. Look how happy you were two years ago. Whatever happened to change that isn’t going to matter in another two years.
    Please, I’m begging you, talk to someone.
    If you want, you can talk to me on Facebook or Instagram. About anything. Please just think about it.
    I wish you strength and courage.

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    1. It’s no bother. If anything im the one bothering you. I feel bad that I’m making you take the time out of your day to help a usless nothing like me. I try to be happy I honestly do but everytime I try someone or something always happens to ruin it and there’s just no point. I apologize


      1. Don’t apologise. You should never apologise for who you are.
        And you’re not bothering me. Believe me, I spend all day on my phone so I’m not really deviating from anything.
        I like to think of my happiness as a game. If I’m happy, I’m winning but if I let someone bring my happiness down then I’m losing and I can’t have that.
        But that’s just me though. I understand that it may be different for you.
        If you feel like it’s very serious, you can always seek professional help. There are drugs for this kind of thing.
        You getting better is the end goal.
        How was your birthday?


      2. Oh dear. That’s… I wish I knew what to say but I don’t. Maybe it was just that therapist? How long ago was that? Have you told anyone about how you feel, like friends or family?


      3. Hmmm… don’t take this the wrong way but do you ever think maybe you want to feel this way? Because I have seen cases of depression but most times the people try to fight it rather than accept it. Of course I can’t judge for you as it may be a purely personal thing.


      4. Because that’s life. It’s horrible and it’s tough but it’s the truth. You fail and you try and you fail better and you try harder. It’s a bullheaded effort but you’ve got to pull through. Otherwise you let the depression win.

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      5. Okay there’s a reason I don’t console people.
        This is fact. Life has its good times and bad times. If you’ve had more bad times it just means you have a lot of good times heading your way. Even if that’s not true, it helps if you believe it.
        And if you give up, you won’t be around to see it.


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