Sundays suck, every Sunday its the same. Wake up, get dressed, go to church ( or as i like to call it Hell), come home and stay home for the rest of the day being bored. you see in my family were not aloud to hang out with friends on Sundays  ( as if I have any in the first place) or go out. All you have for entertainment is the TV and my annoying siblings. Speaking of which my little sister punched me in the face today because i was trying to stop her form changing the channel on the TV so we got into an all out brawl and my dad had to separate us before i ripped her fucking head off. My sisters a fucking psychopath, I swear if i don’t sleep in a room with locked doors tonight shes going to kill me in my sleep. As you can tell my life is not all hunky dory its pretty boring actually. I spend most of my time by myself since i don’t have any friends. Wishing I was dead but I’m not a suicidal freak, getting hit by a truck would be lovely though. well that’s enough boring ranting for now.



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