The Mall

So yesterday I went to the mall with my friend it was actually really awesome. We walked around the mall at first we saw some really hot guys in a pack but that was the last of The hot guys that were at the mall. I bought like four things. Since I have $50 and the malls expensive as fuck. The first thing I got was a shirt that had a black bear and a white bear and it said “let’s make a panda together” I freaking love it! The second thing I got was some perfume from Victoria’s Secret because I was running out of it. The perfume I got was called coconut passion it’s also good and smells like heaven. Then me and my friend went to get something to eat. I went to this place called Bonzaga Tea or something like that. I got this like purple drink it’s apparently bubble could get things in your drinks so I got like these little circle squishy things they were so annoying because it took so long to drink it and I got a brain freeze like five times. After that went to orange Julius so my friend could get a drink too. She got a strawberry smoothie. When we were done with that we went into this other store and I got this painting of a fox. I like the painting but it was so annoying carrying it around the whole mall because it was so big that people kept staring at it, like could you look at something else you creeps. My friend got some boots, a shirt that said “nugs not drugs” and a bag with her favorite anime characters on it. After we were done eating we went to Hot Topic and I got a Sebastian bobble head or collectible thing from my favorite anime Black Butler. It is so cute! No one must touch itšŸ˜ˆ. After we were done at the mall we went to her house and watched a movie. After that I went home. Yesterday was pretty awesome and I hope to have more days like it. That’s all for now.


Right now

Today I woke up to the sound of my dog Kobe barking loudly at I assume my cat shadow. Not 2 hours after I wake up I’m just watching TV when the power went out. At first I was pissed because I was in the middle of a show but then I realized that this could be the zombie apocalypse. So I got up and started walking around the House with my hands shaped like a gun searching for zombies. I soon gave up and started listening to music on my iPod. About 45 minutes after the power went out it came back (thankfully). Right now I’m laying on my couch wrapped in two blankets watching TV with my annoying as fuck siblings. This day could not end any sooner. That’s all for now.


Sundays suck, every Sunday its the same. Wake up, get dressed, go to church ( or as i like to call it Hell), come home and stay home for the rest of the day being bored. you see in my family were not aloud to hang out with friends on Sundays Ā ( as if I have any in the first place) or go out. All you have for entertainment is the TV and my annoying siblings. Speaking of which my little sister punched me in the face today because i was trying to stop her form changing the channel on the TV so we got into an all out brawl and my dad had to separate us before i ripped her fucking head off. My sisters a fucking psychopath, I swear if i don’t sleep in a room with locked doors tonight shes going to kill me in my sleep. As you can tell my life is not all hunky dory its pretty boring actually. I spend most of my time by myself since i don’t have any friends. Wishing I was dead but I’m not a suicidal freak, getting hit by a truck would be lovely though. well that’s enough boring ranting for now.